Seenstitches launched her first colorful kaftans collection for Ramadan 2013, with the motto of “A touch of a colored Ramadan”. Since then, Seenstitches has been pioneering not only in launching eye-catching trendy Ramadan Collections, but also in contemporary designs with unique embroidery & beautiful blends of colors. Her collections include different designs of dresses such as the wrap dress, ketba dress, as well as a variety of tops, sherwals, skirts, julaih, cardigan vests, bishts, kaftans and sets.

The beauty of Seenstitches designs details & contours can really be seen & enjoyed via eye-shopping, as the brand is used to pamper their fans & customers by updating their look book which was first created in 2014 for their customers to check, because hanged pieces won't do their work justice.


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