NowMoods, an all Egyptian brand that’s about to redefine the way you view your wardrobe with its unique brand concept tailored to satisfy every different character’s various fashion moods. The name NowMoods embodies the core of what the brand is about which is allowing you to dress according to your fashion mood and promising to come through every time. The Effortless mood ensures you can just throw something on and still look fashionably flawless while the Camera-Ready mood teleports you to a fleet of paparazzi desperately asking you who you’re wearing every time you take a selfie. Age is not a variable with NowMoods and even though creating a fashion-line just for kids is always a hassle but the different moods guarantees you’ll meet the upcoming fashionistas toughest demands along with their proud mommies. All items have a touch of uniqueness from its asymmetric designs to its handmade embroideries. It’s just not possible to not be completely obsessed with how each piece completely enhances your mood.

Now Moods

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