Mix and Match Handicrafts brand is based in Amman, Jordan, & is known & acknowledged in the market for having the most creative handmade and handcrafted collection in the region, their motto being “providing Eastern Touches In Modern Ways”. The brand aims to achieve customer satisfaction and strive to go even beyond by bringing a consistent improvement in quality of products and services. New ideas and designs are frequently implemented and worked on. They work with textile, pottery, hand painting, luxury wood and fine leather. As a manufacturer of a wide range of products, Mix & Match Handicrafts is fully geared and prepared to handle various orders locally and internationally. Our products here, at Mix & Match Handicrafts, fall under many categories to meet the over growing and various demands of the market, including: handmade embroidered Islamic praying sets, wall hangers, handmade home accessories, table cloth, cushions, bed covers, customized photo albums, bath robes, towels, t-shirts, abayas, athwab, and many more.

Mix & Match Handicrafts

Sadly, there are no products in this category, but they are comming soon!

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