Founded by the Egyptian designer Noura AlNaggar, L’omdaBoga bags engage the local material and craft industries to create products that are, in their contemporary creative methodology, classically Egyptian. L’omdaBoga products remain true to Egypt’s tradition of embracing cultural diversity and hybrid visual influences, all of which are aesthetically rooted in their designer’s eclectic form of artistic expression.

Made from genuine leather and canvas, L’omdaBoga bags explore the field between graphic and product design. Engaging local artisans and working with Egypt’s vast array of traditional crafts is an integral part of the creative process. The bags have become a visual diary of the interactions, experiences, and inspirations to be found in Egypt.

Noting that L’omdaBoga’s name, logo and slogan carry a strong message and support to the notion of woman empowerment, female beauty and power essence being meaning The Omda Boga (Omda means mayor which is a high influential figure in Egypt). Boga can be seen on the brand emblem as what seems a comical figure of Mayor Boga which conveys a powerful quote of hers in a lighthearted way when she says “Ana El’Omda hena” translating to “I’m the boss here” which is seen reflected on the variety of bucket bags, block bags, make up bags and all the designs convenient for the powerful posh pioneer entrepreneur woman everyday life.


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