2nd collaboration with Kuwaiti renown blogger & influencer Ascia Al Faraj and Haa Brand, back in full force after starting in 2018, to gift you this wondrous luscious exclusive Ramadan 2019 collection. The 24 pieces collection is exceptionally unique, unprecedently blending extreme polarities of fashion world. Fulfilling every taste & mood, pieces provide comfort & casual feel with formal feminine elegance & allure, modest and traditional, yet contemporary playful, depicting the spirit of the Holy month. With each & every piece designed &tailored for endless mix & match, styling options as well as conceptualizing timelessness & practicality, enjoy your glamorous looks all year around & pick out your favorite outfit from this collection every day, not just during Ramadan, in colors of off-white, taupe & Neon lime!

Ascia X HaaBrand

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